Chapter 4: Stacy, 1967

It’s 1967.The word “love” is on everyone’s lips; love songs dominate the charts. The Beatles claim it’s all you need.

But it’s definitely not the Summer of Love over at Mary and Don’s house. In fact, Mary doesn’t even want to accompany Don, who has joined the Air Force, to his training destination. Stacy, who’s just trying to rush through her last year before reaching her ultimate goal of being a teenager, still hopes they’ll work it out. But she can also see why things aren’t going well.

As Stacy hangs out at Mary’s looking after her toddler niece, Autumn, she’s also getting to watch TV shows her mother doesn’t want her exposed to (like Dark Shadows), listen to Bob Dylan, and meet Mary’s newest neighbors–flaky hippie Daisy and the gorgeous, exotic Olga. Olga is from Spain and married to a control freak; like Mary she’s yearning to break free. Maybe Olga’s listening to Englebert Humperdinck sing “Release Me (Let Me Love Again)” as she hustles to get dinner on the table before her demanding husband gets home.

At home, brother Tommy has announced he’s joined the National Guard and a traveling theater troupe, angering his parents by refusing to attend college. Stacy just wants to support her siblings and keep her own toe-hold in the wider world of adults and cultural changes. As she listens to Mary’s new Dylan album, she thinks “She Belongs to Me” could relate to her sister’s life. But maybe “Subterranean Homesick Blues” sums up the discordant summer of ’67 for Stacy’s family overall.

Some of the great love songs from the Summer of Love:

Dedicated to the One I Love                       The Mamas and the Papas

Somebody to Love                                        Jefferson Airplane

Happy Together                                             The Turtles

Friday on My Mind                                       The Easy Beats

To Sir With Love                                            Lulu

Expressway to Your Heart                           Soul Survivors

Here Comes My Baby                                   The Tremeloes

I Was Made to Love Her                              Stevie Wonder

I’m a Believer                                                 The Monkees

Light My Fire                                                  The Doors

Gimme Some Lovin’                                      Spencer Davis Group

Baby I Love You                                              Aretha Franklin


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