Chapter 6: Stacy, 1970

At fifteen, Stacy is still yearning for “something” to happen. Teen life isn’t like what her sister experienced (formal dances and dates at the soda shop). Instead it’s a group of kids hanging out “talking about how bored they were.” Until the day she meets Greg Martinez, cousin of Stacy and her friend Julie’s nemesis, Richie. Richie’s a bloviating showoff, but Greg is something else: not only cute and athletic, but interested in some of the same offbeat things as Stacy–things Julie is always trying to get her to stop talking about in front of boys.

Greg’s presence signals that the regular summer Saturday night teen hang at the Arboria Park playground will be more fun than usual. As her friends sip beer, smoke pot, and make out on the playground equipment, Stacy and Greg are watching the stars and talking about all kinds of things. Too bad he’s only visiting for the weekend.

The Arboria Park teens listen to AM Top 40 radio at their gathering, but Stacy and Greg learn they’ve both discovered hard rock music through older siblings living interesting lives in New York City. Stacy even confides that she’d like to learn to play electric guitar. Free-form progressive FM rock radio is making its way into the scene in 1970. Compare the kinds of songs Stacy’s friends are listening to and the kinds Stacy and Greg seek out:


No Sugar Tonight   The Guess Who

Fire and Rain   James Taylor

Ride Captain Ride     Blues Image

Let It Rain    Eric Clapton

Make Me Smile   Chicago

Lola          The Kinks

All Right Now       Free

Mama Told Me Not to Come    Three Dog Night



 Kick Out the Jams    MC5

T.V Eye    The Stooges

Angel    Jimi Hendrix

Cry Baby    Janis Joplin

Paranoid     Black Sabbath

Midnight Rambler   Rolling Stones

Man Who Sold the World     David Bowie


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